Ship Browser

With this utility you can view the default stats for each available ship in Hyperspace. This information is equivalent to the in-game ?buy ships and ?shipinfo # menus.

Ship Name Buy Price Sell Price Exp Ship Description
Init Energy:
Max Energry:
Init Recharge:
Max Recharge:
Init Speed:
Max Speed:
Init Thrust:
Max Thrust:
Init Rotation:
Max Rotation:
Bullet Speed:
Bomb Speed:
Shrapnel Rate:
Cloak Energy:
Stealth Energy:
AntiWarp Energy:
XRadar Energy:
Afterburner Energy:

Property Name Property Value

Item Browser

The item browser is the web equivalent of the in-game ?buy and ?iteminfo menus. You can use this utility to plan a ship build, or compare various items, outside of the game environment.

Category Item Description
Buy Price
Sell Price
Item Types
Property Name Value

Category Capacities

The following list details the default capacities per item type/category, per ship. Note that these numbers can be modified by purchasable items, or individual ship types; for example "Burst: 0" is increased by purchasing Burst mounts, or may be increased when equiping a Lancaster, for example, as opposed to a Warbird. Additionally, individual items may occupy more than one capacity type.

Type Capacity
??? 1
Alien Tech 1
Ammunition 255
Armor 1
Bomb 1
Brick 0
Burst 0
Capacity 1
Decoy 0
Equipment 2
Type Capacity
Field 1
Gun 1
Mount 2
Portal 0
Prototype 1
Reactor 1
Relic 1
Repel 0
Repel Mount 2
Type Capacity
Rocket 0
Sensor 2
Signature 1
Special 255
Sublight 1
Summon 1
Thor 0
Turret 1