Sunday, October 4 2015 Ceiu

Hyperspace clearance sale! All items $1!

As we approach the end of the reset and the introduction of domination (and all the new shiny goodies that come with it), we've decided to give everyone a chance to play with the items and build whatever crazy ship they can come up with. Consumables have been significantly bumped in cost as a consequence, but with all the money floating around, it shouldn't be much of a problem.

Also, a few items have changed to make things slightly more reasonable:

As stated above, domination is rapidly approaching completion. We're a few pieces away from having the entire thing completed, and are aiming for a November release. Stay tuned.


Friday, September 18 2015 Ceiu

Maximum freq sizes has been reverted back to three. Those of you with Turret Platform may request a refund if you'd like, though it will continue to function and is not scheduled to be removed any time soon.


Saturday, September 12 2015 Ceiu

By popular demand, Antideath has been removed entirely. Those of you who had Antideath will need to be refunded. While we usually do a refund item, I screwed that part up and ended up just deleting the existing AD entirely. So, if you had AD, contact me in-game and I'll refund you directly.

Also, other item changes have gone in today:

Sometime this weekend, the new time-based flag rewards will be going in. There's a bunch of details involved there, but the jist of it is that flag rewards now are scaled based on how long you've been in the game for that team. If you play like you're supposed to play, you shouldn't notice any difference. However, if you're a player that has regularly hopped (despite several of us telling you not to), you'll notice your rewards will be significantly smaller.


Friday, August 7 2015 Ceiu

This week marks the first usage of the new itemdb tool for pushing item updates. From now going forward, item updates will be coming from a JSON file from an item DB. Queued up changes will go in on a weekly basis on Sunday nights or Monday mornings.

This week's changes:

Also, a few bugs have been squashed involving suiciding with flags.


Monday, August 31 2015 CDB-Man

A few more updates implemented in the past few weeks.


Cobalt III

After a more than a few instances of Cobalt being abused, the settings on Cobalt have been changed, to reduce its effectiveness.
Considering the following changes, Cobalt will now cost $200k, subject to change.

Features and Tweaks

New Items

Friday, August 7 2015 Ceiu

Got some new items and tweaked some others.

First up is the change to thorstorm and the (re-)addition of the item capacitors. Thorstorm, Repel Capacitor and Burst Capacitor now provide capacity for thors, repels and bursts respectively, but the ammunition for them must be gathered from greens. The trade-off is you can store several times more of an item and can unload them all at once, but you have to spend the time to collect enough greens to fill them back up.

Secondly, Energy Scanner is now an alien tech as well as a sensor. This easy-mode item will now compete with the top-tier superitems and Antideath. Additionally, Oracle's energy scanning is now only level 1, officially making Sensor Disruptor a hard-counter to any energy scanning. Those of you who had Energy Scanner will need to sell it and re-purchase it if desired.


Friday, August 7 2015 CDB-Man

A few more item tweaks.  Considering the volume of changes, I'm just going to update the same news item with the changes.

07 Aug 2015
  • Alien Tech: Baryon, Temp, and Adam have all been re-balanced and added back to all ships
  • Extra Signature: New alien tech, allows the purchase of an extra signature
  • Thorstorm: is now banned
  • Cobalt Warhead: price has been increased to $165k
  • Positron Gun: available on more ships now
  • Falcon Missile: available on more ships now
  • HE Missile: increased bobmenergy 210 > 215
  • Solid Neutronium:
.OldJul 31Aug 3
31 July 2015
  • The sell prices of most non-signature and non-consumable items has been slightly increased, from 60% of buy price, to 75% of buy price
  • The concept of Repel Mounts has been reintroduced.  Each ship can have a maximum of 2 Repel Mounts. Evasion Mount and Close Combat count as 1 Repel Mount each.
    There's currently a handful of people with 3 Repel Mounts on the same ship (1 Evasion + 2 Close Combat); I would advise that you sell one of the extra mounts before items are possibly removed.
  • Energy Infusion is now a signature item; this means you cannot buy EI if you own another sig.  To compensate, EI will now give +10e/+10r before it is consumed.

New Items
  • Oracle System: New, reintroduced with original stats and tiny buff
  • Inertial Damper: New, reintroduced

Item Adjustments
  • Dilithium Matrix: Dili is no longer an Alien Tech; buy price raised from 2m to 2.5m
  • Evasion Mount: reduced rocket count from 3 to 2
  • Close Combat: dropped exp requirement to 1600 from 2500
  • Naquadah Gen.: slightly reduced penalties
  • Mezon Capacitor: retooled 15/95 to 25/90 and restored some of its original small bonuses
  • ZPM: retooled 95/15 to 90/20 and restored some of its original small bonuses
  • Beam Array: increased firing cost from 29/24 to 31/26 (multi/single)
  • Beam Array: increased firing delay from 20/20 to 22/22 (multi/single)
  • Pea Shooter: increased firing cost from 30 to 33, delay 15 to 16
  • Phoenix Missile: upped shrap from 4 to 5, reduced mine count to a more sane 3 mines
  • Sensor Disruptor: increased energy from +10 to +15
  • Weapons Scanner: buff to the xradar and antiwarp energy bonuses
  • Warp Disruptor: now available on sharks
  • Tachyon Sensors: reduced dollar and exp cost
  • System Optimizer: small nerfs, rotation +3 > +2, afterburner -20 > -15, and antienergy -150 > -120
  • Maxwell Infusers: buffed greatly, from 2/2/-10 to 2/3/-30 (maxthrust/maxspeed/afterburner)
  • Glow Cover: increased bomb armor from -78 to -86
  • Solid Neutronium:
.OldJul 31
  • Metaphasic Armor:
.OldJul 20Jul 31
20 July 2015

Added new item Evasion Shaper.  It's cloak + stealth in the same item, but it increases cloak and stealth energy cost, while also reducing reactor recharge.

The following changes to guns have been made.  Stats will be quoted as "bulletdelay/bulletenergy"

  • Current Positron Gun is renamed as Neutron Gun, nerfed 24/21 > 24/25
  • Re-added Old Signature Positron Gun 22/10

  • Buffed Mass Driver multifire 16/42 > 11/31 (2012 values were 11/29)
  • Buffed Mass Driver single fire 14/40 > 11/26 (2012 values were 11/29)
  • Mass Driver allowed on more ships now
  • Nerfed Sharppinger 16/18 > 16/19
  • Buffed GigajouleRailgun 30/27 > 27/22
  • Re-added Proton Beam, nerfed 24/15 > 20/18

  • Buffed Shredder 14/48 > 9/43
  • Re-added of Pea Shooter, buffed 17/26 > 15/28
  • Old Beam Array is now deprecated, created a new Beam Array instead
  • Buffed new Beam Array multifire 27/50 > 20/29
  • Buffed new Beam Array single fire 24/48 > 20/24
  • New Beam Array has ebomb weakness to reduce spamability

  • Buffed Phaser 17/26 > 15/28
  • Buffed Gamma Ray 23/21 > 22/21
  • Tweaked Gauss Cannon multifire 22/26 > 23/24
  • Tweaked Gauss Cannon single fire 20/24 > 23/20
  • Nerfed Disruptor 23/20 > 23/22
  • Buffed Arcfire Array multifire 33/21 > 30/22
  • Buffed Arcfire Array single fire 29/20 > 30/18
  • Buffed Plasma Beam multifire 36/25 > 32/25
  • Buffed Plasma Beam single fire 32/23 > 32/20

18 July 2015
  • Bullet damage is back to 128/64 from 112/56
  • Renamed "Protection" to "Armor"
  • Replaced Aurora Shield with Glow Cover, Aurora is now a refund item
  • Replaced Kull Armor with Solid Nutronium, Kull is now a refund item

17 July 2015
  • Removed Shrap Multi from Jav and Weasel, added to Spider and Terr, ?sell Old Shrap Multi and ?buy Shrap Multi
  • Re-added Naquadah Gen.
  • Slight nerf to Tacnuke
  • Nerfed Impact a bit, back to 2010/2012 settings

Sunday, July 12 2015 Ceiu & CDB-Man

?buy <ship> is no longer required for free ships. Currently, only the Warbird and Javelin are free, but others may join them down the road.

Players can jump right in to these ships and get started immediately, rather than fumbling with ?buy.

<del>CDB also updated a ton of items; but he's lazy and doesn't update the news like he should. Feel free to pester him in-game until he posts all the changes.</del><br>CDB edit: See below for a list of the most recent batch of changes!

-C and CDB-Man

Thursday, July 9 2015 Ceiu

?shareexp is no more

Unfortunately, after years of misuse, this failed experiment comes to an end. My original intention with this function was for players who had passed the highest experience requirements to share their abundant exp new players coming in to help them get started. Instead, exp was being used as a secondary currency among players of all progression tiers, exchanging exp for money to buy their items; which makes little sense.

We will be looking into a better solution for vets to help new players get on their feet quickly.

Also, if you haven't already noticed, news.txt is being trimmed to only include entries within the last six months. I think we can all agree that things stop being "news" once we've passed two major holidays.


Monday, April 27 2015 B.O.X.

All new items and a reset.

Thursday, June 12 2014 CDB-Man

I will be continuing to host flag games on the weekends.  This weekend will probably be around 9PM eastern (6PM Pacific, 1AM UTC+0).

Here's a changelog of what's been done so far in terms of settings:

To be done:

If you have suggestions, bring them up, and I'll run them by HS Council (tm).

- CDB-Man

Monday, June 2 2014 CDB-Man

So, in an attempt to stir up a much needed flag game, I will host one on Saturday June 7th and one on Sunday June 8th, both at 8 PM Eastern (5 PM Pacific, 2 AM CEST).

Everyone please bring any other players you can find!  It's been a long time since a flag game, and I'm sure we all need our fix.

- CDB-Man

Wednesday, February 26 2014 Ceiu



Monday, February 24 2014 Ceiu

Flags can no longer be owned unless every team has, at least, two players. This shoud prevent people from quickwinning solo without killing the jackpot entirely.


Thursday, February 20 2014 Ceiu

More updates:

For people making new bases, do not use the blue tiles currently prominent in base 4. These are scheduled to be removed and replaced by better tiles or extensions of existing tiles.

Bases for this map provided by:

  1. h0blin g0blin
  2. DarkSidious
  3. DarkSidious
  4. Psythe
  5. nolan123
  6. Ceiu
  7. BZAP


Saturday, February 15 2014 Ceiu


Several bugs have been smashed as well. The updated code and new map will take effect after the next zone restart.


Wednesday, February 12 2014 Ceiu

In light of some setbacks and staffing changes, we're adjusting how zone development progresses.

For starters, we're doing another mini-season to do some testing and transitioning to the new systems. We'll be playing with various item properties and game mechanics to improve the overall replayability of the zone.

Development will be handled slightly differently this time around. Instead of one person working on it, everyone in the community will be able to contribute their opinions and ideas. We believe this transparency will be the best way to achieve a balanced itemset and move Hyperspace in the direction that best suits the player base.

To kick things off, we've already made the following adjustments:

None of these are permanent by any means, but serve as a first attempt ot address some of the balancing issues. We are very open to feedback as to how these changes affect the game and welcome any suggestions for further improvement.

For more details or to join the discussion, you can head over to the forum topic on


Tuesday, February 11 2014 Ceiu

While we're not ready for the complete transition, several backend improvements are now live, including:

Some of these new changes will make event arenas more robust and able to make use of the item system.

The new itemset is coming along and new features have already been implemented. These may be available for testing before the reset, but a preview of what's to come:


Sunday, February 9 2014 Ceiu

A new item has been added to bring about the end.


Tuesday, February 4 2014 Ceiu

Monkey has been kind enough to update some code I've been too busy/lazy to fix:

Dilithium Matrix has been slightly buffed and will travel about one tile further. However, it is now affected by antiwarp and will lose roughly four tiles (to a minimum of four) per player using antiwarp.


Friday, December 20 2013 Ceiu


As certain updates still aren't quite ready, and we're about to have a whole bunch of time off, I figured a "mini-season" is in order.

Nothing has changed from last week, but as this is a temporary measure to hold people over until the new stuff is ready, rewards have been cranked to 11. Money rewards are 3x higher than normal and experience is 6x higher than normal. See if you can grind out those 5m Alien Tech items before the new stuff is ready to go.


Saturday, December 7 2013 Ceiu

Quick patch for a couple issues.

More on the way in the coming weeks.


Saturday, November 30 2013 Ceiu

The anti-brickwarp settings have been fixed, which should prevent most brickwarp cases. It's still technically possible, but will likely require coordination between both players and a fair amount of luck.

The distance required between your brick placement and the nearest player is roughly five tiles (about the width of a lanc), with some variation due to lag and other effects. If a brick is attempted to be placed any closer, it will be used without any effect, so be aware of your positioning when placing a brick.

Shipsets will be making a come back next reset, when it makes a bit more sense and I have time to rework more of HSCore to deal with it. Shipsets was a pretty hacky addition, so there are a lot of modules that didn't handle it very gracefully and will require updating. Other additions are also being made along with the updates, so the next item set will be changing fairly drastically. Those of you with graphing calculators will want to dust them off and make sure they have fresh batteries.


Sunday, November 24 2013 Psythe

Moreton array now provides a burst instead of a repel.

Transwarp key cooldown has been increased a bit as well.

Saturday, November 23 2013 Psythe

I've decided bricks are uninteresting, so I've dropped their alivetime to 370 and are now purchased in the center safe. Plus, you only need one wall mount to use the more advanced bricks. You'll still need two wall mounts if you want to hold two regular bricks at once.

In other news, you may see a new map within the next two weeks or so.

Sunday, November 17 2013 Ceiu

After much procrastination, I've finally gotten around to adding a patch to allow multiple shipsets per player. Each player can now have three sets of ships, though it's somewhat awkward to use:

To view your current shipset, simply enter the command ?shipset.

To change your shipset, use ?shipset #, where # is the shipset you'd like to use.

Shipset changes take effect immediately if you're in spectator mode, but require a ship change otherwise.

There may be some issues we didn't find in testing, so if you find yourself having issues with shipsets, please do yourself and the zone a favor by reporting them.

Also, repels have been slightly modified. Radius has improved slightly, while the duration players are affected has been slightly reduced. Repels (and items in general) will be seeing a more drastic change in the near future.

Finally, Baked Cake's modifications to ?shipinfo have been implemented. I imagine those of you who enjoy powergaming will find the improvements massively useful.


Monday, November 11 2013 Psythe

Hi again, some simple item fixes have been made.

Saturday, November 9 2013 Ceiu

Some formulas have been updated to fix a few math issues. Namely, losing teams are no longer penalized for having less experience, and the exp rewards now also scale properly according to number of players in the flag game.


Monday, October 28 2013 Psythe

A few quick and necessary updates:

My apologies for the initial craziness with the Juggernaut item. Again, all new items (and even old) are subject to change. If an item appears that is clearly game-breaking, I promise that I won't disappear on you guys and leave it that way. You know me, I'll be here again and again.