Zone Staff and Key Individuals

Should you need help at any time while playing Hyperspace, simply type ?help <message> to send the text of message to the staff currently online. You can find out which staff members are online by typing ?listmod. Please do not heasitate to report abuse, abrasive language, or suspected cheaters.

Nickname Position Aliases
Ceiu SysOp, Lead Developer Cerium
Arnk Dylie SysOp (SSCE Operator)
Noldec Super Moderator
Rivel Super Moderator, Zone Mascot irvel, Hyemi, Yeri, selfname, Seulgi
sri Junior Moderator
B.O.X. Developer sharpflame, psythe
CDB-Man Item Developer CDB, CDB-Phone
nn Zone Helper, Developer
monkey Bot Developer, Web App Developer
sigma13 Web Developer theEND!

Rules and Guidelines

Hyperspace does not have a explicit list of rules, however the following is provided as a guide to better align players with the governing vision of the Hyperspace staff.

  • Use common sense. If you think it might be wrong, it probably is. Hyperspace staff reserve the right to spontaneously declare new rules to address whatever stupid thing you might be trying to do.
  • Do not use abusive, harassing, racist or offensive language. Subspace is a game; it is meant to provide entertainment, and, most importantly, to be fun. Do not use the chat in any way that would discriminate your fellow players. Profanity is allowed in conversation, but attempting to circumvent the obscenity filter with alternate spellings, abbreviations, or otherwise is not tolerated.
  • Cheating, or exploiting glitches is not allowed. Period.
  • Do not spam, flood, or advertise in chat. Don't be annoying. A staff member may issue a warning, but if they find you offensive enough, you may get silenced for any amount of time, or outright banned.
  • Tradekilling, and farming are not allowed. Make money the honest way, by playing.