Legacy Articles

The following list of articles was preserved from the original Hyperspace website, which ceased to be live some time in 2013 (regular updates stopped around 2009). This information may still be helpful to players of the current Hyperspace zone, however, because of the zone's constantly evolving nature, this information may be outdated. In the case of inaccurate information, these articles are preserved here for strategic nostalgia purposes.

In many instances one or more resources, such as images, included with the original articles has been lost, and can not be included in these reproductions. In the case of images which were included on the article page (as an image), a note has been added to the article. In the case where an image was accessible through a link, these links have been omitted to avoid confusion.

Article Author(s)
A Newbie's Guide to Hyperspace Boldot, Aceflyer
Cobalt Warhead Guide Aceflyer
Antideath Guide Sharpflame, Aceflyer
FTL Engine Failure Dr Brain
Iteminfo and Shipstatus BlueWyvern, Aceflyer
One Time Use Aceflyer
Ship Guide and Quick Reference Aceflyer, Aquarius, nebulou
Special Events Aceflyer
Utilities Aceflyer
General Tips Aceflyer
Zone Rules
Chatnut Dr Brain
All About Armor Aceflyer, Bomook, Dr Brain