One Time Use

Author: Aceflyer

Normally, once you ?buy an item in SSCE Hyperspace, that item will remain on your ship (or, to be more clear, the ship you were in when you bought the item) 'forever', or at least until you ?sell the item or ?sell your entire ship. 'Forever' meaning that no matter how many times you die, you'll be automatically prized each of the items you own when you respawn (or are resurrected by Antideath). However, there are some items that are only 'one time use', meaning that they will only stay on your ship (through deaths and respawns and resurrections) until you actually use them; once you use them, they're automatically removed from your ship, and you must ?buy the item again in order to use it again.

Well, in this zone, your money isn't unlimited, so many people are understandably wary about 'wasting' money purchasing 'one time use' items. So, to help answer those common questions of, "Is so-and-so 'one time use' or 'forever'?" here's a comprehensive list of any and all 'one time use' items currently available for sale in the zone.

  • Alien Technology
    • Lightning Ammo
    • Needler Ammo
    • Searing Heat
    • Cobalt Warhead
  • Brick
    • Wide Brick
    • Sparse Brick
    • Basic Brick
    • Cage
    • Poacher Box
  • FTL Engine
    • TW Token