Antideath Guide

Author: Sharpflame
Revised by: Aceflyer

Brings a ship back to life where it died once every sixty seconds.
This item stays on the ship permanently.

-from ?iteminfo antideath (revised for accuracy) Antideath. This unique, powerful-sounding item has become almost a must-have for basing Lancasters and Sharks in Hyperspace. You may have heard it mentioned repeatedly in various situations: "AD!" "Watch out! AD!" Indeed, the fame of this item - a "classified top secret" Alien Technology item - has grown so much that it has gone from being a special, rarely used 'l33t' item to being an almost everyday item.

This short page on Antideath aims to cut through the hype and provide some tips and strategies on how to beat Antideath-equipped players in game.

First, some strategies for beating players with Antideath:

  • Move back if you know the player in question has Antideath. If you don't, they will respawn behind you (if their rubble flew that way, which is often the case), and will consequently be able to attack you from behind upon being resurrected.
  • Lay a Brick Attack field in front of the Antideath-using player's explosion (in the direction their rubble flew), so that they get resurrected in your Brick Attack field and die before they can do anything after being resurrected.
  • Don't stop shooting at the general area you think they will respawn in.
  • Remember, players cannot have both Antideath and Field Launcher on a single ship, so Antideath-using ships won't be launching Fields, and Field-launching ships won't have Antideath.
  • Antideath-using players are invisible for a few seconds after being resurrected. Hence, you may see bullets coming out of seemingly empty space.
  • Observe the above to learn when to burst to stop Antideath-using players upon their resurrection.

Now, some advice on how to be able to afford Antideath for yourself:

If you flag a lot, you should be able to make at least $10000-$30000 per day. Typically, players can make $10000-$15000 per flag game without even bountying. So make sure to participate in zone events and flag games. Also, remember that the higher your bounty, the more money you get per kill, so die less than you kill if you can. Save (hoard) this money, don't buy anything (fields included!) unless you absolutely need to, and you will have your $250000 (the buy price of Antideath) in a couple of days. Keep in mind that the Antideath item is classified as Alien Technology, so if a given ship of yours is already equipped with, say, Field Launcher or Turret Base, you won't be able to get Antideath on that ship.

Good luck with Antideath!