What is Hyperspace?

Hyperspace is a progression zone with purchaseable ships and items. Kill enemies and participate in flag games and other events to earn money and experience. Use your cash to build a ship fitted to your playstyle.


Hyperspace was discovered one random day, long, long ago, by the great Dr. Brain, while out flying his Warbird. As he traveled upon the nondescript abyss of Subspace he stumbled over a sign. It read, "rip hs." I would say that 'the rest is history,' but as you surely know, history is cyclical.

Getting Started

For those less inclined to absorb information by reading, here's a video quick-start, courtesy of the legendary Mistarbob.

Hyperspace Beginner's Tutorial Part 1
- Getting Started and Buying Items

Rather, if you're not into sitting around and waiting for someone to bring the information you need to you, here's a pictographic quick-start, assembled by the great Noldec.

Welcome to Hyperspace!

The goal of this zone is to kill people to gain money and experience, this will allow you to upgrade your ship! If you have questions don't be afraid to ask people in public chat or using ?help <message>

Buying a Ship

Buy a ship by typing ?buy warbird or ?buy javelin

Entering a Ship

Enter the ship you bought by pressing ESC + 1 (if you bought a warbird) or ESC + 2 (if you bought a javelin). After you've entered your ship you can fly around with the arrow keys, shoot guns with CTRL and shoot bombs with TAB.

Default Key Bindings

You can edit these in the main Continuum menu (by leaving a zone with ESC + Q). Profile > Select your profile > Key Defs... > Making a new one or editing the default one

In-Game Tutorial

If you press F1 in game a tutorial will be shown in the top right corner of your screen. Keep pressing F1 to read the next pages.

Buying Items

Typing ?buy will list all available categories. Typing ?buy <category name> will list all the items from a category. Green items are purchasable, red ones are not (yet). Gather more experience and/or money to be able to buy them.

Inspecting Items

Type ?buy <item name> to purchase the item.
Type ?iteminfo <item name> to see the stats of an item.
Don't forget to regulary check if you're able to buy new items, so you're able to upgrade your ship and kill some noobs!

Flag Games

The blue/white-ish things are called flags. Collecting (by flying over them, you can carry 4 max) and drop them in a "flag room"(by letting the timer run out) will win you the flag game and reward your team with money and experience.
Type ?flag to join a flagging freq(uency). Type ?lancs to find out who your team's anchor is. You're able to attach (teleport to him) by private messaging him ?attach. This is the fastest way to return to your team after you've been killed.


This is the sector map, blue sectors have flags in them.


This is your flag time, if it runs out you will either drop your flags (yellow) or make them neutral (to neut) again, depending on your position. If you kill an enemy with flags you will get them.


Hyperspace is divided into several sectors. Center where you spawn and can fight people in a FFA style fight. Bases (the mazes) where flag games will happen. Drop your flags in the flag room (FR), wich is the last part of the base. And the hypertunnels wich connect all the sectors.

Flag Room

Dropped flags will be yellow. You're only able to drop your flags in the flag room of a base. Dropping somewhere else will neut the flags.


Public messages, visible for everyone in the arena.
Team messages, visible for your team.
Chat messages, visible for people on the chat.
Private messages, only visible for the other person.

Teams (Freqs)

Spectator team. ESC + S to join
Other teams (00-89). =28 to join
Flag teams (90 - 91). ?flag to join

Common Commands

In Continuum, commands are preceeded by a question mark (?). The following is a list of common commands most relevant to playing in Hyperspace.

Command Action, Result
?arena [ -a ] Display a list of available public arenas. Using the -a switch will show all public arenas with zero or more players.
?bountytype Cycle through the available bounty display modes (Bounty, Exp, and Money).
?buy [ category | item ] Displays the list of items available for purchase. Including the optional category name displays a list of purchasable items in that category, while including the optional item name purchases that item.

Multiple items can be purchased in one line (at the same time) by using the format: ?| buy -c # <item> | buy -c # <item> [ | etc.. ]
?chat Get a list of players enrolled in your chat channels.
?chat=<chatname> Create or join the specified chat channel.
?iteminfo <item> Get the description and properties of a purchasable item.
?kill Cycle through the available Continuum kill message modes (Center, Chat, Off).
?killmessages Enable or disable Hyperspace kill messages. Hyperspace kill messages are only displayed for your kills, and your teammates' kills that earn you money or exp.
?ping Check the various ping times between you and the server.
?flag Join the flagging game (the server will place you on one of the designated flag frequencies).
?flags Get a list of players carrying flags, and/or a count of uncarried flags.
?ping Check the various ping times between you and the server.
?help Get live help from the staff members currently online.
?lag Retrieve stats on your current connection to the server.
?ping Check the various ping times between you and the server.
?shipstatus [ -v ] Get a list of items equiped on your ship. Including the optional -v (verbose) switch will also display the complete ship properties your ship.
?spec Get the list of players viewing your ship from spectator mode.
?status Displays the Recharge, Thruster, Speed, Rotation, and Shrapnel properties of your current ship, expressed in percentages.
?squadjoin <name>:<password> Join an existing squad.
?squadleave Leave your currently enrolled squad.

Public Arenas

Hyperspace includes many sub-arenas, some of which incorporate games with differing styles of gameplay. For a list of arenas which currently have active players use the ?arena command. You can list all available public arenas with ?arena -a. To enter any arena, use the command ?go <arena> where <arena> is the name of the arena.

Arena Description
(Public 0) Also called 'Pub,' this is the main Hyperspace arena. Traditional dogfighting is typical in Center, the middle section of the map, and flag games in the bases around the outside.
If you're in a sub-arena, you can return to Pub by typing ?go 0. You can create a copy of Pub as an additional arena by using ?go # where # is any number greater than 0.
teamelim Team Elimination is bot-coordinated (typically) 3 vs. 3 cooperative team gameplay. Help your teammates kill the opposing team before they do the same to you.
duel A special sub-arena designed specifically to find out which of two players is the better fighter.
hit Note: this arena is currently broken and trying to ?go hit will crash your Continuum client.
hyperball Hyperball is B.O.X.'s fast-paced powerball game. Help your team score powerball goals, while fending off your enemies.
paint One player pilots a 'paintbrush' ship that paints pictures with mines while spectators try to be the first to guess what the picture is.

Key Locations

There are a few notable locations in Hyperspace (public arena) that each have special purpose. The following is a lit of places to be familiar with, or places you may be told to go during gameplay.

Location Description, Function
Ammo Depot Ammo Depots are (generally) small safe zones which allow you to purchase Consumables for your ship, for example Bricks and Fields, with the ?buy menu.
Ammo Depots are currently located at I7, and L7.
Center Safe This is the safe zone in the center of the entire map (J10), where your ship spawns when you first enter the arena, and every time you die. A safe zone is an area where enemy weapons do not hurt you, and is useful if you need to chat, or take a break from gameplay. However, you should be aware that the cost of stopping in a safe zone is one death on your record (not an actual ship death), and your bounty is reset to initialbounty.
Most items can be purchased here through the ?buy menu.
Hypertunnels The Hypertunnels are the long cooridors surrounding the entire map which allow ships to quickly travel between sectors. From Center, you can enter the Hypertunnels from the portals at H8, and L14. You then transfer from the Hypertunnels to individual sectors with the various portals.
Sectors (Bases)
B1, B2, etc..
There are 9 sectors in the Hyperspace map. The 8 sectors located around the outside of the map are more commonly called 'bases.' They are numbered clockwise, starting with B1 at the top-right.
Center is also a sector, but is most commonly refered to as 'Center' or 'C,' and is not considered a base. It is numbered 0, or 'B0.'
Sector 8 (top, middle) is a special sector (which includes the areas formerly called 'Scrap & Salvage,' and the 'Transwarp Hub'), not typically used for flag games.